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The Baton Rouge, LA Home Inspection Company You Can Trust

Baton Rouge is second-largest city in Louisiana with a mix of elegant country properties and historic urban townhomes. Homeowners and prospective home buyers throughout the area will need a qualified non-invasive home inspection company to help them understand the true value of their property. A home inspector will carefully examine every corner of the home’s interior and exterior to make sure that the structural integrity is sound. Without a proper inspection, a prospective home buyer could waste their money on a piece of property that’s severely damaged, forcing them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on future repairs. Homeowners depend on 1st Choice Home Inspection as an integral part of the Baton Rouge real estate industry.

Why Baton Rouge,LA Homeowners Need a Qualified Inspection Company?

Some of Louisiana most valuable homes are located throughout the Baton Rouge area. With so much wealth at stake, homeowners need a home inspector that doesn’t leave anything to chance. The home inspector will go through every aspect of the client’s property, checking for a range of issues, including structural damage, water damage, pest infestations, a lack of insulation, circuit breaker problems and many others. Without a qualified inspector surveying the property, home buyers are taking a leap of faith as they make one of the most consequential financial decisions of their lives. They need the expertise that a qualified home inspector provides to make sure that a home is truly worth its asking price.

The larger the client’s home, the more care and attention needs to go into the home inspection process. While some Louisiana homeowners may overlook the inspection process, it’s a vital service that can save individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars. With so much extra space, the chances of a serious issue being detected only increase. That’s why homeowners and buyers looking to relocate to the Baton Rouge area need the services of an expert home inspection company like 1st Choice Home Inspection.

How 1st Choice Home Inspection Company Out performs the Competition in Baton Rouge,LA?

Traditional home inspection companies tend to fly through the home inspection process, sometimes completing an inspection in just a couple of hours. The professionals at 1st Choice Home Inspection go above and beyond the competition. The company uses infrared camera technology to take an inside look at the client’s property. This helps the inspector detect every kind of issue without altering or damaging the home’s structure. The camera can sense areas where the temperature changes inside the home, pinpointing leaks and insulation issues with ease. Matched with the company’s unbeatable customer service, the professionals at 1st Choice Home Inspection are here to enhance the home inspection process for those in the Louisiana area.

Those that are looking for a Baton Rouge home inspection company can contact 1st Choice Home Inspection at 225-271-3877 or Schedule Online Appointment for an inspection. Clients can expect to receive an electronic copy of the results by the end of the day of the inspection. Homeowners can give themselves some peace of mind by calling 1st Choice Home Inspection today!